What a year! Summer 2017

Renovation Project

It’s been a very busy summer here at Brisons Veor. As well as a full residency programme, we have had major building work to complete, which has been a great upheaval. This entailed setting aside four weeks at the best time of year for re-roofing Brisons Veor, hoping that the weather would be mostly dry, and that our Open Day celebration plans would not be disrupted.

As it happened, the weather was variable, interrupting work for only a few days, and we were able to hold our Open Day and 25 years anniversary celebration on a beautiful sunny day over the Bank holiday weekend

Trust Manager Annie Halliday has guided the renovation project through from the beginning, and members of the Trust showed their appreciation for her dedication and hard work at the annual meeting on August 27th






Writers Bursary 2018

Applications for the second round of the Writers’ Bursary award have now been assessed, and we are very pleased to announce that our successful applicants for residencies in 2018 are Jennifer Farmer, Sarah Ann Juckes and James Patterson. Shortlisted were Felicity Notley, James Davey, and Daniel Metcalf.
We are very grateful for Poet Katrina Naomi for enabling the Writers Bursary for two years. Like many creative people who come to Brisons, she shares her good fortune, making it possible for others to benefit from the benefits a residency can bring.

And finally, we welcome ten new Friends of Brisons Veor this year: Jo Atherton, Ruth McDonald, Margaret Kerfoot and Alison Shipton, Katie Childs, Kate Lyons- Miller, Tim Ridley, Terri Hogan, Val Jones and Rachel Sargeant.

Thank you for supporting Brisons Veor!