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Applying for a Residency

Brisons Veor is a residential studio set up to enable professional artists to spend a focused period of time developing their work. It is open to visual artists, writers, musicians, composers, makers and designers in need of a concentrated period of time to develop their ideas. Its purpose is to provide accommodation and workspace to practitioners in need of assistance and who are making a significant contribution in the creative arts sector.

Located on the westernmost edge of Cornwall in the UK, Brisons Veor provides a dedicated live-work space for self-funded residencies of between one to four weeks.

There is a two-tier system for residency rates: a ‘low-season’ rate applies to the period between mid-September and mid June, and a higher rate applies during the summer months mid-June to mid-September.

The application form, professional CV and examples of your work are our principle way of assessing the quality of your work and proposal. Please take time to complete fully. Please also give us information about your personal situation. This is your opportunity to tell us about what you do, what you would like to do at Brisons Veor and why you feel we should offer you a residency. We want to enable as many artists as possible to experience Brisons Veor’s unique character, and will give preference to new applicants.

We also ask if people are willing to offer a talk or workshop during their stay at the house since it may be possible at times to make arrangements to do so during their stay. Please only say yes if you genuinely want to engage with a wider public during a residency, and bear in mind that it may not always be possible for us to facilitate such arrangements.

Application Deadlines

To ease management of applications and to enable artists to know the outcome more swiftly, there will be two deadlines throughout the year. These are 30 June, and 20 December. Apply any time up to June 30 if you would like a residency in the period January – June the following year , or apply between 1 July and 20 December if you would like a residency between July and December the following year. If you are able to attend at any time during a 6-month period, please indicate this on your application form by saying ‘anytime’ in the dates box. (Don’t forget to indicate the number of weeks required.)

UPDATE: Please note the deadline for applications for 2023 will be 30th June 2022 only. We will need to close for a short period in Spring 2023 to carry out renovation work and this will reduce the number of applications we will be able to offer. All available residencies will be allotted after the panel have reviewed applications in August this year.

If we offer you a residency, we will endeavour to match your requested dates but this will depend on demand and how many applications we receive. We aim to let artists know within one month of each deadline whether or not they have been offered a residency for the following year.

For more information and an application form please contact