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Brisons Veor is a residential workspace set in an inspiring and unique location, where creatives in any medium can take time out to work on a project, away from the day-to-day distractions of their home lives.

Brisons Veor Open Day

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‘The cottage, landscape and ocean have re-energised me and brought a new direction in my painting which has been prolific.’ (painter)

‘…as a teacher, it has been a sheer pleasure to pour all my creative energy into my work and it has made me realise that this balance needs to shift somehow when I return.’ (photographer)

‘…a new way of working…calm and rest from all the usual hassles of life, time to stitch, weave and recoup’
(textile artist)

‘a glorious place for music…practising, composing. I’d brought my other instruments…found the piano….it’s been played a lot.’

‘It is very moving to realise that what we do, art, is valued enough to provide such a protected haven for our process… this is the most wonderful place.’
(mixed media)

‘….have been down an old mineshaft…use tin and copper in my glazes… …shall treat the materials with greater respect having learned about the working conditions in the mines.’