Heather Bowring

Heather Bowring had a residency back in 2018, but wanted to share her latest news:
“The first image of the Wedding book was what I was working on during my residency. It is made of wood, I covered it in leather and every book is made of wood and covered in leather. The books measure 2” x 1”.    I was also able to start the process on the second Artist Book about Jane Austen, that work has been put on hold for the moment. The Wedding book is the start of a collection of Artist Books I want to create.  Staying at Brisons Veor enabled me to have a completely different location to work on something new.

The second image is of my first novel The Painting in Room 48.  I used my evenings to work on it. The image on the front cover is one of my paintings.   The story is about a mysterious painting in a hospital room, the emotional connection the patients have to it and how this  changes their lives.   (I had written a thesis Art as a complementary healer and  used this research). The book is available on Amazon and Kindle.”