Wendy Hermelin


5 -12 December 2015

My plan was to spend the time gaining inspiration and space, time and peace to write haiku poems and illustrate them in stitch. I have been to Brisons a few times before over the years, but always in reasonable weather which allowed me to roam the cliffs and smell and feel the sea.

Wendy Hermelin journal Dec 15

This time I found the storm winds kept us indoors far more than I would have chosen and the salt caked windows prevented views from indoors. We couldn’t open the upstairs door until the last day, as the wind was so fierce it blew everything away. However the more difficult, noisy, early days provided much inspiration for the poems.

WendyHermelin Sea Dec 15

Wendy Hermelin: Sea

Later in the week when we could get out once or twice without being blown off the cliffs I was able to settle into several starting points for new work with sketches and word images, which I am hoping will finally become a book of illustrated haiku poems. One of the sections will now, definitely, be about storms and the sea. I am at a very early stage at present, but feel that Brisons gave me a lot to think about and a strong jumping off point for this project.

Wendy Hermelin The Brisons Dec 15

Wendy Hermelin: The Brisons