Wendy was preparing work for an exhibition….
With a month to go until my next exhibition I had a wonderful week of freedom at Brisons Veor, with every moment available to be creative and inspired. Being a textile artist I weighted down my car with a sewing machine, an embellishing machine, piles of bags of fabrics, threads and all the other paraphernalia required for an abundance of designing and sewing.

Fabric Collage - detail Wendy Hermelin

Fabric Collage  (detail) – Wendy Hermelin

I make textile collages and had a goal of making three pictures during the week which happily I was able to achieve. There is plenty of space available at Brisons to set out the machines and leave everything out for the week. Sitting sewing by the window, above the waves with the door open is the best inspiration there can be.

Fabric collage   Wendy Hermelin

Fabric collage – Wendy Hermelin

As well as sewing I made paper collages each day, taking images from the magical surroundings of the cliffs, sea birds, flowers and dramatic weather.

Paper collage daily diary Wendy Hermelin

Paper collage daily diary – Wendy Hermelin

These will be working designs for future fabric collages. There isn’t a better place to be away from it all than Brisons Veor. I never want to leave.
Wendy Hermelin   October 2013

Caroline was developing work for an exhibition in March….
In the spacious and light upstairs room at Brisons Veor my small loom sat on a table next to the window which had views of the sea and the sound of the waves below.

The small loom - Caroline Lake

The small loom – Caroline Lake

I was able to concentrate and play with the colours, yarns and patterns for a sample based on field thistles. This preliminary work is vital in helping me discover and decide on the final design for the throw that I am planning to weave for an exhibition in March.

Weaving sample (detail) - Caroline Lake

Weaving sample (detail) – Caroline Lake

Free of domesticity and family life my mind was able to wander and like blotting paper soak up the excitement of the ever changing skies and sea, the landscape and wild life. Some images and memories were captured in my sketches and collages.
It is a week like no other in the year, rich beyond compare.

Caroline Lake  October 2013