Victoria Collis

7-14 February 2015

My aim was to go on coastal walks and take photographs, sketch and absorb the natural surroundings and to somehow translate the feeling and the energy of Cape Cornwall and the area. I feel I achieved this, producing some preliminary drawings and paintings. I found I had a set plan in mind but in the moment and time it changed and I let things organically evolve with different outcomes to those originally anticipated. Biggest lesson was time constraint i.e not enough time! I would have liked to stay another week in order for me to carry out further exploration of ideas. I achieved a series of landscapes using mixed media, smaller scale to what I normally work from. I have learnt the lesson’ less is more’ to carry just a sketchbook and pencil and small palette of water colours on coastal walks!

I will be continuing making work from my experience at Brisons Veor, from my sketches, photographs and memory and I am now creating a series of drypoints and monoprints. Once I have created a sufficient body of work I intend to exhibit and sell my work.

Stream, Cape Cornwall, 2 February 2015

Stream Cape Cornwall 2 Feb 2015

Stream, Cape Cornwall, 3 February 2015

Stream Cape Cornwall 3 Feb 2015

Cape Cornwall Sunset, 8 February 2015

Cape Cornwall Sunset 8th Feb 2015

Studio at Brisons Veor, 20 February 2015

Studio at Brisons Veor Feb 2015