Val Jones 10 – 17 June

There was almost too much to inspire at Brisons Veor. Such an amazing place and brought to life, even more, on this visit by having read about Peter Lanyon. One of many things he said was that “I like to paint the edges between solid and fluid, the sea and the cliffs, the wind and the rock, the body and the water”. In my paintings I try to capture the essence of life rather than an accurate description of things seen. Cape Cornwall is a geologists dream site and the archeological remains of Bronze and Iron Age civilisations here also create a feeling of mystery and wonder about the great timespan of mankind’s  interventions in this area of Britain. One week is not nearly enough to fully explore and make work. I long to return.’


Already proved useful in adding to my Reflective Journal and delivering a presentation at a group crit for my MA Fine Art course. Hope to make large-scale works for my final exhibition in August.