I had the most brilliant time at Brisons Veor in October, drawing and screen monoprinting subjects I never usually do: the sea and the line/division between the sea and the land.  I also looked at farming methods in the area, the fields and pathways, and the various edifices that pop up in that landscape.

Ocean’s Edge 1, screen monoprint 23 x 27.5cm

I learnt to use a new range of colours guided by my observation of the land and sea which is very different from the farmed, downland landscape around my home where I usually work. I have brought home a huge number of drawings, screen monoprints and small acrylics on paper.

Celtic Cross, screen monoprint 23 x 27.5cm

I have several exhibitions in the near future at which I will be able to exhibit the screen monoprints:  The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers exhibitions at The Bankside Gallery in London; a show at Highgate Contemporary, London next year;  Oliver Contemporary, London where I show regularly; and The Art Stable, near Blandford, Dorset who also represent me.

I am excited to take some of the work into large scale paintings and prints and produce more screen monoprints from the drawings, and I’m sure the work executed in Cornwall will prove a rich vein to mine.

Ursula Leach