Tom Phelan, writer, 16 – 30 June 2018

My two-week stay in Brisons Veor was extremely enjoyable and productive. It tops the list of artists’ residences I have enjoyed. In Brisons I wrote the  final two chapters of the novel I have in the works, at the moment titled Field of Light. It is set in Ireland during the potato famine of the 1840s and in the late 1900s.

The remove of Brisons Veor from the noise of the madding crowd has had a profound effect on me which I hope will last. I have cancelled the weekday issues of the New York Times, and I have not seen any television since coming back to the U.S. So far I feel a sense of freedom from the daily headlines.
Cornwall is a beautiful place and we enjoyed many long walks.

I have a memoir – We Were Rich and We Didn’t Know it – being published by Simon and Schuster  March 2019