Tim Burns, Aug28 – Sept 10th 2021

“The restorative calm, the rhythms of the sea, tides sunset and rise and the blessing of beautiful weather nearly every day has left me with a pervading feeling of well-being. Honestly I could live here!

I set up my easel in the garden and painted every day and made daily visits to the cove to draw, explore, take photographs and swim.

I can also recommend a walk to Nanven Cove where I also performed the forementioned activities.

Botallack mine I can now scratch off my bucket list. I had no idea what a large and beautiful site it is. I had it all to myself last Friday to watch the sunset.

Coffee breaks and evenings after work I sit at the open door watch the skies darken and listening to the sounds of the sea. If the sunset looked promising I walked to the lookout to watch it dip below the horizon.

Look out for the seals that visit the cove and keep an eye open for the Choughs. Actually they will announce their presence with their distinctive, raucous calls. I have also seen a cormorant, gannets, yellow wagtail and many more. Some of which I couldn’t identify.

After a long period as one of my Mum’s main carers this time has been a real treasure to me and Brisons Veor has been my sanctuary and source of new inspiration to revive my flagging creativity.

My heartfelt thanks to the Trust and the original benefactor for making it possible and to Patricia for administering it.

If you let me I will be back 😉

I hope that the next resident will have an equally rewarding experience.”