Maggie Banks, Caroline McMillan Davey and Phyllis Thorpe met during their early art studies    and continue to share their ideas and inspirations. Maggie reports on their residency at Brisons Veor….

We spent a week in brillant sunshine so favourable to landscape painters.  We like to meet up and paint and exchange ideas, and where better to do it without the pressure of family than at Cape Cornwall? We experimented with acrylic, spray paint, inks, ipad.

Caroline McMillan-Davey is a successful representational landscape painter. Phyl Thorpe is an abstract artist and art therapist, and I am principally a landscape painter.

Together, we discovered new ways to work and influence each other by crossover of mediums. Phyl influenced me to make collage culminating in the resulting piece flora and fauna.

Maggie Banks - Flora and Fauna

Maggie Banks – Flora and Fauna

Phyl told Caroline to just play, and she ended up with her first semi abstract work, quite brilliant.

Caroline MacMillan-Davey

Caroline MacMillan-Davey

Then we sent Phyl out to paint a representational work, and she surprised us with the end result.

Phyllis Thorpe

Phyllis Thorpe

We worked hard and had lots of fun sharing and developing our ideas for future exhibitions.     Many thanks to the trustees of Brisons Veor.

Maggie Banks

Caroline McMillan Davey

Phyllis Thorpe