The residency was a wonderful opportunity to explore a different medium and conduct some research for new installations on the beach and in the surrounding landscape.  Frequent visits to the beach brought a deeper and more sensitive vision of the rocks and the ocean.   I was drawn to the rocks and made brief experiments on each visit.

Installation Priest's Cove -  Susan Williams

Installation at Priest’s Cove – Susan Williams

The location of the cottage was spectacular, overlooking the ever changing ocean and primeval rocks of Priests Cove. The experience was inspirational.The flag tape work in the cottage garden was successful, responding well to the wind there.

Installation at Brisons Veor - Susan Williams

Installation at Brisons Veor – Susan Williams

I made twelve small sculptural experiments, 56 monoprints and made extensive photographic documentation of the ocean for future reference. 

Monoprint - Susan Wuilliams

Monoprint – Susan Williams

Monoprint - Susan Williams

Monoprint – Susan Williams

I was strengthened by the challenge of working in a very different environment and now have many new threads to take me further with my work as an artist.The prints will be shown this year at the Northamptonshire Open Studios.

Susan Williams ARBS