Susan Kester and Judith Thomson

20 – 27 February 2016

Susan Kester Studio Brisons Veor copy

SK: Initially I was a little overwhelmed by the position of the house overlooking the sea, the constant changing of the weather, the beauty of the surrounding area, not at all sure of how to get going.  We only had a week, how to use it to best advantage?  I started off using my sketchbook but in no time, whilst out walking on the coastal path, I had found something I wanted to draw – a dead piece of moss – which I brought back to the studio.


Judith Kester One object, 6 views. No. 2. Graphite on paper. 2016

Susan Kester: One object, 6 views. No. 2. Graphite on paper. 2016

I was then able to use the time very productively managing to create 6 new drawings that can be viewed on my website (, and that shall form part of the work to be displayed in a group exhibition at the West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton in April (  The fact that the house has been furnished and equipped ready for creativity, and that it is away from the distractions of everyday life (most noticeably TV and the internet) provided a clear mental space which is pretty hard to find at home.  I had a truly enjoyable and rewarding time with an uncomplicated focus on working – I can’t wait to repeat the experience.

Judith Kester One object, 6 views. No. 5. Graphite on paper. 2016

Susan Kester : One object, 6 views. No. 5. Graphite on paper. 2016



JT: The possibility of working uninterrupted by family, the computer or even the phone (which I turned off) felt like a release. Focus was entirely on production with pauses to feed the body in the very user-friendly kitchen, or the brain with walks along the coast and discussion with fellow artist, Susan, who shared my time at this wonderfully productive place. I slept well.


Judith Thompson crownIIcropBV

Judith Thomson: Crown II

The work that I had planned was left undone as I found myself responding to the environment, most specifically the wild and windy weather of our first couple of days, and a new body of work was created that is now being framed for exhibition at West Ox Arts in Bampton early in April.


 Judith Thompson: St Helen's

Judith Thomson: St Helen’s

The quiet and concentration of the time during my week at Brisons Veor has really helped by giving me the space to step back whilst still focussing on my work and identified areas to concentrate on for the final few months of my Master’s course.