Sophie MacMillan, Henny Burnett and Martin Urmson

26 December 2015 – 2 January 2016

Sophie MacMillan: It was during my previous residency in 2014, in which I worked in a range of media exploring different ways of how to respond to Cape Cornwall and Priests Cove,  that I realised that wanted to return to concentrate on painting the sea.   I documented this in a series of ten small oil studies before working on two larger canvases over the last two days.  In the evenings and in the failing light I began work on a series of watercolour and ink studies of seaweed that I picked up in the cove.

I was extremely pleased with how the week went and there is no doubt that having visited Brisons Veor before meant that I was very focused and knew exactly what I wanted to do which helped to make the week so productive.  I was particularly pleased with the large painting from the last day, it helped to reinforce my confidence in my work and it has made me realise that to progress I need to start working on a larger scale in order to incorporate more gestural brushstrokes.  The quiet concentrated time provided by my residency at Brisons Veor has been very beneficial in giving me the space to focus on my work and help me identify further areas on which to concentrate, namely more landscape painting around Priest’s Cove and Cape Cornwall.


Henny Burnett: I went Brisons Veor with a particular project and set of problems that needed resolving. This was for a series of sculptures that are to be exhibited in “Call and Response” as part of Salisbury International Arts Festival 2016. “Call and Response” is the first international part of a larger project called Cicatrix  that deals with WW1 and Salisbury Plain. “Call and Response” is a cultural exchange with New Zealand. The time at Brisons gave me the space and time to focus on this work.



‘The Sea’, Martin Urmson