Ruth Piper, October 21 – November 04 2017

As this was my first experience of a residency I was interested in several aspects. In particular the self imposed solitude and how it might influence my working practice.
My arrival coincided with ‘hurricane Brian’ So the first 24 hours was dominated by the spectacular roaring of wind and sea.
I had traveled by train so limited myself to working on paper. Gathering photographs of the rocks and cliffs as references I made many spontaneous watercolour sketches, working everyday throughout the two weeks, relishing the solitude and the sound of the sea.

Following a busy year of exhibitions (2016/17), I am building a new body of work that was already in progress before embarking on the residency. The work done at Brisons will sustain and underpin my practice for months to come adding to the collection of images that make up my personal reference library.