Rupert Whale and Jill Dawson, 19 – 26 January 2019

“The setting, the relative isolation and the sound of the sea were hugely invigorating and refreshing.
I went with the intention of recording with photos and sketches the visual differences, similarities and energies of the land, sea and sky. These were to inform successive paintings/drawings. My visit happily coincided with a meeting of local artists in Penzance, to which Patricia had kindly invited me , I was able to enjoy hearing about their various practices and to talk a little about my residency.”

I expect my sketches, photos and experience of the residency to inform my practice, directly or indirectly as soon as I returned to my London studio. This has already begun to happen as I have embarked on a new series of paintings/drawings that I anticipate could last for some time! Some of these will hopefully be shown in forthcoming group shows in Scarborough (, Art Factory, Islington (London), Koppel Gallery (Soho) and China.