Rupert Whale and Jill Dawson, 28 December – 11 January 2020


“I set out to capture the sense of place – the cottage, the light, the sound of the sea, wind and birds, colours and forms of the surroundings in a series of abstract studies, some with figurative elements. This was to differentiate from a previous visit focusing on the landscape and the coast.
I gained hugely from the isolation and immersion in the environment.”


“I worked on one particular piece that had been becalmed for a while. The time to research ideas and to concentrate fully on the piece enabled me to find a new direction and complete the piece.I expect future projects to be significantly influenced by my thinking in this time at Brisons Veor.
I work in a number of textile based groups. I shall be sharing the experience and the work with these people as the groups are intended to be a place where members share and learn from each other. The nature of textile work means that these groups tend to largely consist of women”