Rita Brown and Catherine Brewer, 28 September – 12 October, 2019

Rita Brown – In spite of the terrible weather we managed to get out and draw between showers and come back to the studio and work on our experiences. As an abstract painter it’s not just about the drawing but the whole emotional experience of being out in the rugged windswept landscape. The changing light was amazing and easily viewed from the studio/ lounge and the constant pounding of the waves below the house all fed into the impact of being in a special place.

I made books, paint brushes made from found objects, paintings, collages, mono prints, drawings, experimental studies visited galleries and returned home with a wealth of ideas ready to develop into more considered work for exhibitions and talks. Out of this residency has come images that are new and unexpected.The experience of this residency being away from caring responsibilities and domestic routine has enabled me to develop as an artist in a way that I would not have done at my home studio.