Rebecca Morledge, painter, 1-8th September 2018

The house itself is beautiful with views across the sea and cliffs and I felt like I instantly wanted to try to capture that beauty, especially the sea which I find so challenging. Being in this environment I enjoyed working both inside the house and out and was helped by fantastic weather.
I was forced to work much more quickly than I am used to working and used different materials to try to portray the constantly changing scenery. I feel that something I have achieved from this residency is I conquered my inner need to create finished work. I allowed myself to work quickly without the aim of making finished paintings, they were only for me so I felt able to experiment much more in my mark making.

I also used my time to think about ideas for a picture book. I have recently finished my Illustration MA and want to work on a new story. I have come up with a few ideas, all of which involve the sea and journeys across the sea but they need further work.