Rachel Sergeant, 21 – 4 February 2017

It was a very special time to spend two weeks in such an amazing place. It felt rich with possibilities.

The sea, the light, the dark, the constant noise of wind, motion and commotion lay down the foundation for my work. I walked. I stared. I painted. I tried, as ever, to avoid the patterns, ruts and familiar ways of working. I worked on many pieces primarily about the movement of the water against the fixed coastline – the agitation against the unmoving.


On the penultimate day storms arrived and by the evening there were Gale Force 11 winds which were exhilarating and terrifying. I packed up my art materials unable to work. The next day it was still strong but calming a little. I decided, rather than unpack all my paints I would just to do some monotypes and prints. I think these were the most successful works that I produced that fortnight. By the afternoon the storm had passed and a stillness had descended. I think it reminded me to absorb and observe, try not to overthink things and not to be so concerned about the final outcome.