My April residency at Brisons Veor was a wonderful experience.  Being in such close proximity to this dramatic coastline in ever changing weather conditions, was very elemental and inspiring.
I work in egg tempera on gesso panels and prior to going to Brisons Veor I had not explored how the medium of egg tempera could be used in relation to the sea.

Edge I - egg tempera on gesso panel

Edge I – egg tempera on gesso panel

During my residency I was able to experiment with this aspect of the medium, which was very exciting.
Although egg tempera is traditionally used in a very disciplined way, its luminous quality, brilliance of colour and fluidity, make it an exciting and wide-ranging medium for a more contemporary approach to landscape and in this case seascape!

Edge II - egg tempera on gesso panel

Edge II – egg tempera on gesso panel

The five egg tempera paintings and two acrylic canvases I worked on during the two weeks were of an abstract nature, showing the meeting of hard edges of rock with water in different conditions – both volatile and placid.

The work will be shown at Bucks Open Studios in June this year.  I am part of a group of 19 professional artists called Commercial Square Studio. We have built up quite a reputation over the past 8/9 years for exciting contemporary work and now welcome in excess of 700 visitors to the annual Open Studios event.

Patricia Lynch