Moira Baumbach, 31st July – 13th August 2021

I found my time at Brisons Veor initially challenging, as over the past year, for many reasons, I have struggled in my practice to find a creative flow. To have the time and space to completely relax and to work in a free and spontaneous way responding to the environment at Brisons Veor was a blessing. I usually have a very structured approach to my projects however, this time I just took paper and pen and sat in the open air responding to what I could hear and feel in my surroundings. This was the home of the chough; it was important for me to immerse myself in their environment but also to understand what was going on for me personally and how being at Brisons Veor, on my own, could help me to process emotional blockages that were hindering my creativity.

I made a conscious decision to keep my work loose and free rather than produce detailed drawings for printmaking. I have not worked with ink, gesso and gouache together and this also helped me to experiment with line, colour and space.

Towards the end of my residency, I worked on a drawing for a print, by this time I felt I had sufficient material.

I will be producing prints to exhibit alongside my Red List Project which highlights the plight of endangered birds but also the positive story of the Cornish chough. Once covid restrictions allow I hope to be going into a local primary school to talk to the children about the plight of our British birds.