Meghana Sengupta, July 3 – 9th 2021

My residency was based on the site response. I wanted to explore the place and incorporate it with my figure painting. As a portrait artist, it’s always been the studio and interior of a room in the background. So every day I used to go on a long walk & try to find out interesting places and objects. I made colour study and quick sketches on the site. Later in the day when I was at the studio room, I developed painting from sketches, colour study and photos. I have explored a totally a new medium I.e. soft pastel. I was travelling from London and I knew oil paintings would be difficult to carry back home without mess. So I was prepared for trying soft pastel and charcoal drawing. It was a learning curve for me. Being an introvert person, it’s always a challenge to talk to strangers. But being alone in studio no-one to interact, I used to talk to tourists and open up for the talks, which is again a personal skill development for me.