Louisa Crispin, 19 – 25 March 2022

One week is just not enough!

I felt a need to explore to see how the landscape has fared, to practice and compare my wildlife knowledge, to find new creatures to enfold into my learning. A need to spend time in contemplation, reflecting on how the #flightpathcommunityproject will develop and what else I can contribute to the fight against insectinction.
The weather was fabulous, drawing us outside to explore the local footpaths. Much wildlife, especially on the Alexanders which opening in the sunshine: Early, Buff-tailed, Red-tailed and Common Carder Bumblebee queens, a few solitary bees and plenty of hoverflies. I was delighted to be able to record a Vespula Rufa which has not been reported often in Cape Cornwall. I highly recommend the Atlantic Coast circular walk from the cottage, via Kenidjack Valley to St Just, returning via Bosorne/Cot Valley



Don’t forget to go out after dark – the night skies are fantastic once your eyes adjust.

You can see more about my week here  https://www.louisacrispinart.co.uk/more/an-artist-residency-brisons-veor