Linn O’Carroll

28 June- 12 July 2014

A very productive 2 weeks for me, used the time to really focus on walking/drawing directly from Brisons. My work reveals itself through the act of walking, finding objects, meeting people and sharing stories…through the community of objects, memories and context of place/finds….narrative and connections, ways of knowing for myself and audiences….can be documented and a body of work produced.

Priest’s Cove and the derelict building on the rocks were an immediate draw. Through talking to Steve, a local lobster fisherman I found out it was a dynamite store, which they are hoping to redevelop. I am starting to look at this building/space, I made a lot of photographic records, and sketches. I am researching, “The Quiet House” (my title for this project) using finds from the building, fragments, of the corrugated roof, which I laid out on the concrete steps leading up to the entrance. A shroud, an old cotton bed protector from Brisons Veor is an important part of this work, laying out of memories of those who have been associated with Priest’s Cove, Brison’s Veor and the significance in memories, meanings associated with the area, geographical location.

Mining and the use of dynamite will be researched, as it allows me to explore land- memory, chemicals, investigation in drawing, capturing moments, views, the house as a space, rocks, finds are all relevant to this journey….

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