Linn O’Carroll

20 June – 4 July 2015

The dynamite store on Priest’s Cove is a continuing inspiration for me.  I decided to spend my time walking, talking to locals and visitors on holiday, fishermen … ‘feeling’ the landscape.  It always takes time to find your feet, get your eye in…having my bike really allowed me to be immersed in the landscape.  I took off every evening and cycled for miles, West Cornwall is truly stunning, it’s a landscape that ‘preserves the spirit’…

Drawing – lines of connection – a series of works on gesso; investigation, using etching tools to incise, cut into the surface, feeling the ground, sanding back.  Objects found at Priest’s Cove, my walking methodology and drawing approaches helped my exploration of PLACE.

My ongoing fascination with the building I have named the ‘Quiet House’ is a space lost in the landscape.  It invites us all, as if, in an act of pilgrimage, to walk up towards an inner sanctum… a building completely at the mercy of the sea and the elements…

This melancholic ruin, the patina of the concrete steps, which lead to a doorway, has taken on the colour and texture of the granite rocks which roots the structure to the spot, as if adaptation has taken place.  I was drawn to the hidden beauty and slowly it revealed a little more of its nature to me each day.

The fishermen took time to talk to me about their lives, their work.  This inspired and renewed an interest in capturing their chats with each other.  Exchanges that took place on their return from hours at sea, quick sketches, observations, notes, reciprocal engagement – it was a privilege.