Lindsey Tyson, January29 – February 11th

Brisons Veor has been a revelation to me.

Time on my own for a whole two weeks, with nothing to do but paint, walk in the amazing countryside, and think, think, think! With no distractions, just me, myself, I.

My aim was to find my artistic voice. I am a textile designer moving from a career as a designer / maker, to that of a painter, focusing mainly on the landscape – and I wanted to take the opportunity to really explore both my thought process as well as the physical act of painting – to really find what it is I want to say in my work and how.

Blind sketches of the waves, their energy and my response to them.

I have always been one for experimenting, but I wanted to find a process that I could move forward with. I can’t say I have quite found it, but I have moved a long way towards it, and am continuing to do so. Two weeks is just not long enough! 🙂 When I first arrived, I spent a lot of time sitting in the landscape, working in my sketchbook, trying to capture the amazing colours, especially of the turquoise sea! I spent the first week really exploring; colour, line, the essence of the place, followed by rough paintings of the sea and the amazing scenery around Cape Cornwall.

But then!

Whilst there, I visited the Barbara Hepworth Museum Garden in St. Ives. I bought and read the biography, Barbara Hepworth Art & Life – I was so inspired by her life, her drive, philosophy, and how her work conveyed the interaction of people in the landscape – both the Cornish landscape, and that of West Yorkshire. (I’m a Yorkshire girl, so I had similar comparisons.) I couldn’t put the book down! It was fascinating, and this glimpse into her world, fired me up. I started experimenting with elements from Barbara’s Garden, her sculptures and the landscape, and how to combine them. As I explored this idea, I could feel the connection of the landscape and how important that was to her, as it is to me.

My work is in embryonic stage, but I thank Brisons, and all connected with it, so much for giving me this opportunity. It was life changing, and I know this is the start of something bigger!