Linda Saul, painter, 10 – 17 February 2018

With just a week I needed a clear goal, otherwise the time would have gone before I really got started. Trying to produce finished works in that time would have been too pressured, as they never come easily for me. I decided to concentrate on sketching, gathering as much information as I could for a series of works once I got back to my studio. So I set myself the aim of filling an 80 page sketch book during the week. Much of my time was spent in and around Priest’s Cove.

It was frenetic having to do a sketch on average every half hour but it forced some very rapid sketching encouraging more energetic mark making. I had packed an old spotting scope and this spent the week in the lounge trained on Longships lighthouse. On my frequent returns to base for a cup of tea and a warmup I’d sketch the view through the telescope. At the start of the week the waves crashing against the lighthouse reached almost to the top. At the end of the week the Trinity House Flagship THV Patricia visited and a helicopter shipped people and supplies to and from the lighthouse.I have returned with a lot of material from my stay at Brisons Veor and this will feed my studio work for months. It was an intense but very rewarding week.