Kikki Ghezzi

15-29 August 2015

“La 24 Ore: Court of Memory” – CHI – Temporary Installation at Priest’s Cove

During my two weeks at Brisons Veor, the process of enveloping an abandoned house, once used by miners to store explosives, and subsequently creating the blue briefcase that contains its memory, allowed me to reflect upon the perpetual principles of impermanence, repair and renewal. Weaving its precarious broken roof and entrance made me think of motherhood. Like a mother spider patiently weaving and constantly repairing tenderly her fragile web, I am a mother. I miss my mother. Memories came to me of my grandmother, clever, patient, soothing, indispensable. She was the most important person in my childhood.

The materials I used were easily available: found metal, blue fishnet and fishing rope.

Rhythm was given to me by the tide. I felt deeply connected to the elements of earth, air and water. Like the waves die back into the ocean and the day follows the night, I followed the eternal rhythm of life.

The briefcase developed at Brisons Veor is part of an ongoing project I started last year, called “La 24 Ore: Court of Memory”. Part of this project has been shown during May 2015 at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University. I expect to include the “ Chi ” briefcase in a larger show during 2016.


1. “La 24 Ore: Court of Memory”- Cornwall,  2015


2. Chi – Temporary Installation at Priest’s Cove, 2015.


3. Chi – Temporary Installation at Priest’s Cove, 2015.


4. Chi – Temporary Installation at Priest’s Cove, 2015.


6. Chi – Temporary Installation at Priest’s Cove, 2015.