Kate Lyons-Miller, 24 June – 8 July

My aim was to draw a line under the diagnosis of breast cancer I had last July, and the surgery, which followed, and the recovery. I saw the call for residencies sometime at the beginning of all this and thought that it would be a marvellous way to celebrate the end! As it happens I’m not quite physically at the end, but mentally itching to get on with my practice, and the MA I will begin in September, having had to postpone it last year.

So Aim one achieved, completely relaxed by the end of week 2 and ready to continue moving on artistically.
Aim 2 was to immerse myself in drawing and walking, especially with a view to collecting samples of rocks and clays to include in my ceramic work. Achieved and samples currently being test fired.
Aim 3, a pilgrammage to Tregonning Hill, where William Cookworthy observed the local clay showing the properties of porcelain, from which he developed the first hard paste porcelain made in Britain.

Being an artist requires some time which I think of as ‘cooking’. Ideas need space to develop, and the trivia of everyday life can really get in the way, so my time at Brisons was a wonderful punctuation in which to allow this process.