Kate Cosgrove, 26 February – 4 March, 2022

This was an invaluable experience for me as an artist. It “cleared out the cobwebs” of my mind so to speak. I was suffering from writers block and general ‘stuckness’ of creative thinking. I have written down new stories and am working on developing them through words and drawings. I also have incorporated some new textures and mark into my work that are completely inspired by the landscape and natural elements of area plants, rocks, fences and architecture.

Since this time, I am in production of a body of new work that I hope to sell in summer & fall exhibitions. I am also developing a story that I hope to my agent will be able to sell to a publisher. And I recently signed a contract with a booking agent for my illustration work that is probably based on all of my new work online postings since my time at Brisons Veor.

My focus is on the children’s market and my work is mostly with children’s literature and school/library visits to inspire young people to draw and read.