Karen Platt – The Sea, The Sea

Finding the time to focus on my work was brilliant. The inspiring location at Brison’s Veor did its job and I was soon paintbrush in hand and standing in front of my portable easel. I decided to concentrate on paintings of the sea.

Karen Platt at Brisons Veor

I took many photographs, some of which I have digitally manipulated to produce unique work. I kept a journal but really I like to work straight onto canvas often not even drawing beforehand. My work captures the never ending motion of the sea. I worked on paper, canvas and board in gesso, acrylic and watercolour, indoors and out.

The Brisons with the sun going down

I wish I had had a sound recordist with me for the sea noise was quite soothing. I was lucky enough that sun shone every day enabling me to walk miles and view the scenery from different angles. I marvelled at the changing patterns of sea and sky. I found inspiration at Brison’s Veor not only for photography and painting but also for knitting and textiles.

Further work will be shown on www.yarnsandfabrics.co.uk/crafts