Justin Weeks, March 30 – April 6th

The aim of my residency was to explore, experiment and develop a new methodology in my practice. Over the course of the seven days at Brison Veor, my daily practice took place in the ground-floor studio. Here I worked on a number of large drawings on A1 Fabriano paper using Chinese ink, watercolour felt tip, charcoal, graphite and acrylic. I also used the same materials to experiment on lining paper that was stretched out to over two metres in length onto the walls of the studio. Successfully I produced a new body of work of mixed media which have a sense of immediacy and are somewhat rhythmic as seen in the work below called Brison Veor I
(paper, 50 x 250cm).

These new works are both raw and spontaneous because it allowed me to court, by free association, with the physical landscape of Brison Veor. The crashing of the waves getting louder as the tide moves in toward the studio and from the top floor studio I could see the rocky outcrops are all embedded within the works. This residency also allowed me to tap into the primal essence of the Cornish ancient landscape with its rich tapestry of history of tin mining, farms and ruins. All of which helped me develop a new approach to mark-making on a large-scale