June Ridgeway, 2 – 9 February 2019

Cape Cornwall promised a perfect habitat to contrast with the north Dorset landscape that I am used to. The fierce rawness, and gentleness of the seas added a further dimension to the work and kept me staring, remembering and allowing myself to focus directly. I wanted to capture the fragility together with the robustness of these moments as they cope with natural elements. I concentrated on found fragments from the area to create a collage of forms and I played with the intertwining and the collaboration of these together. There was a natural flow of ideas which linked shapes, and the outcomes appeared to imbue a sense of tranquil harmony and disharmony.
I worked directly with wire, plaster and mixed media, which provided me with an immediate way of working.
The Tate St Ives provided me with an exciting experience in Anna Boghiguian’s installation work and I especially loved the film ‘Provenance’ by Amie Siegel.