I set out to make a book about the activity at Priest’s cove, which I did, but I was also excited     by the landscape and remains of buildings in the locality.

Priest’s Cove (page1 artist’s book)

I spent most of the time drawing and recording outside. When it rained I developed the drawings into monoprints in the studio which I feel were my key achievements and will hopefully lead to paintings.

Coast (monoprint)

What I gained from the experience was to narrow my focus and concentrate on fewer subjects: the surroundings of the sea such as plants and buildings rather than the sea itself.

I found being at Cape Cornwall magical, would love to have spent another week there, and hope to return.

I expect to make a series of prints relating to the residency which I will exhibit at the Bankside Gallery in London. The experience has also given me confidence to apply for other residencies    as I see this as a direct way of making new work.

Judy Willoughby