Jodi Jones, visual artist, 2 – 9 June 2018

My main project was to capture the sea at Cape Cornwall throughout the day and night with drawings, photographs and prints to use as source material for future work. I also had a side project of making/finding 7 containers and filling them in some way on each day of the residency. This project was inspired by the artists Debbie Lyddon and Mary Morris who did the residency in December 2017.
What surprised me was the results and joy of my side project, it was so much fun to think of a way to respond to an object or moment each day and for that to fit into a container….my containers ended up being tea light candles as there was a basket filled with them at the property… Their size and shape were great restrictions to work with and I got to play with the many making processes and materials I love including wax.

As well as my love of the sea I was blown away with the shapes, colour and textures of the rocks around the property and area. There was a fantastic exhibition at The New Craftsman Gallery in St Ives of Artist Akiko Hirai and I felt completely moved to use clay and slips as a new way of creating paintings.
My work will be exhibited in L’Etage a local art gallery in South London and I will be exhibiting in a group show in central London. Also new work inspired by my time here will be used to connect with new galleries and spaces.