Joanna Sims and Philip Leevers

12 – 26 December 2015

Joanna Sims: Storm - Cape Cornwall

Joanna Sims: Storm Cape Cornwall


:Joanna Sims Nanjulian oil on canvas Dec2015

Joanna Sims: Nanjulian

Joanna Sims. I feel my painting developed well. Deciding to work on 8 previous canvases which had already been started on during a previous residency at Brisons (knowing that weather would prevent outdoor work), I was surprised at how effective my available viewings from the studio window helped spatial ideas fall into place. The reason for this I suppose to be that my paintings are shifting more towards comments on atmosphere and weather effects unique to the place, rather than topographical emphases.

Joanna Sims Sunrise Cape Cornwall 2015 (ink and oil on canvas)

Joanna Sims: Sunrise Cape Cornwall

Joanna Sims Zennor Valley 215 (oil on canvas)

Joanna Sims: Zennor Valley


Philip Leevers. I invariably work outside and for our two weeks, the weather was a hammering, interesting combinations of wind and rain. But some positive effects too; changing from descriptive approaches to other roots or meanings of colour.




Philip Leevers: Pendeen II

Philip Leevers: Rock Face II

Philip Leevers Botallack Dec2015

Philip Leevers: Botallack


Philip Leevers Rock FaceDec 2015

Philip Leevers: Rock Face