Joanna Sims and Philip Leevers

21-28 June 2014

Many studies were made in gouache, groundwork for future possibilities in oils.

For the first time, consolidated the idea that my work is ‘site-specific’ in that the tidal movements are particular to that cove and layout of rocks, affecting the sea’s texture. Having spent time at other coasts , I always wish to return to Brisons for that special reason and the wonderful atmosphere which enhances concentration. My key achievement is to find ways not to rush into the oils but immerse myself in more investigative work, usually gouache.

Joanna Sims

Pendeen IV gouache 32 x 24 cms web

Pendeen IV, gouache

priest's cove_  evening tide  30 x 40 cms oil on canvas web

Priest’s Cove, evening tide, oil


Peviously I have done many pictures of views from the Cape and other places nearby; this time I found it possible to experiment with different media. Also to make sparser statements of these motifs which needed much less adjustment or addition; maybe the frequent brisk wind, together with the warm sun, made me think a little faster.

Philip Leevers

Cape Cornwall, Orange_ 550x700 mm web

Cape Cornwall, Orange