Two artists shared a residency, working with painting, drawing and video….

The sounds of the sea, the changing colour – first dark, then azure, the rise and fall of the tides, the lost and found horizon, sea foam flying across the terrace. We painted, each in our separate studios.

Sketchbook. Sara Dudman

Sketchbook – Sara Dudman

sara dudman.1

Sara below, me in my self-made space at the end of the living room. We struggled to ignore the sea and failed.  The sea invaded my mind but not my understanding.  That would have taken years and I only had a week.  I returned my brush to things I knew, country lanes, white Cornish house and stone walls.

Sketch. Jenny Graham

Sketch – Jenny Graham

Lane near St Just.Jenny Graham

Working alongside another artist with a very different style was wonderfully inspiring and informative. The time away from distractions gave us an opportunity to consolidate ideas about our work.

Jenny Graham

Sara Dudman