All was very inspiring.  As I was interested in the relationship between the fluid, ever-changing (yet also consistent and persistent!) nature of the sea, against the apparent solidity and strength of the rocks and land (with the constantly changing nature of the light) there was a need to work quickly and intuitively. The stormy weather and unique location enabled me to explore this project in a way I’ve not been able to before.

Jean Winter.5

I hope to enlarge and further develop this project, drawing on the memories, sketches, photographs, feelings and emotions of the week spent at Brisons Veor, to form a good body of work for exhibition.

Jean Winter.3

I have recently exhibited my work in Wells Cathedral and am planning another joint exhibition next year. This is a good possibility for work developed from my project at Brisons Veor.

Jean Winter.6

It really is such a remarkable place to stay and to work and absolutely wonderful to feel able to spread out and paint in surroundings that welcome you to do so! I thought the facilities were fantastic. I’ve never been or stayed anywhere like it. My husband too was able to concentrate, without distractions, on composing music, and produced a beautiful piece of music with an accompanying video of the sea and light, called ‘Atlantic Swell’, so thank you from both of us for enabling a wonderfully creative week.

Jean Winter

Alan Balmer