I arrive at Brisons with no plan in mind as to what sort of work I will do or what view I will paint.     I never do preparatory sketches but respond to what I see and feel in a very direct and intuitive way. So the canvas is before me and I start to paint or make marks with charcoal or graphite.

Janie Mcleod (3)

Work is completed quickly and often constructed and deconstructed a number of times until somehow it seems to work. Turning the image around and around allows me to work from many angles. It’s emotionally exhausting as well as creatively challenging and I am not sure how a conclusion Is reached but I do know when it has.

Janie McLeod – Towards Sennen

Above here is another image called ‘Towards Sennen’ which has just sold!
I love visiting Brisons Veor: it feeds my creative soul for the rest of the year and reminds me why  I paint.

Janie McLeod