………A very windy night, with a risk of gales around coasts and hills. Outbreaks of rain will turn increasingly heavy and persistent through the early hours. Minimum Temperature 8 °C.

………Remaining windy. Heavy and persistent rain will gradually move eastwards, eventually clearing eastern parts late in the afternoon. Clearer and colder conditions following, with scattered showers, heavy at times. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

When I arrive I am literally blown into the house by the wind that is coming directly from the sea and beating against the cliffs. Clinging to the wall and railing I race up to the lookout at the top of the hill and lean out over the rail.  The sea is wild; there’s a big swell, spindrift rushing furiously across the water.  Low-lying rain clouds obscure the rocks and small islands lying further out.  There is a constant sound of the sea, pounding of waves hitting rocks just below the house. At night I lie awake listening to the wind and deep sonorous sounds of the ocean –as if the sea is under the house. In the morning spume flies though the air.

brisons veor 1 Janette Kerr

Brisons Veor 1   Janette Kerr

I’m out each day, whatever the weather, either walking and exploring the cliffs and mines, or working. A small ledge along the path provides shelter, privacy, and a closer encounter with the sea, waves sweeping in to break over the rocks below, spray filling the air: Below the house in Priests Cove when the tide is out, I can walk out and paint amongst the rocks, looking out the sea at huge waves rolling and breaking.

Brisons Veor 2 Janette Kerr

Brisons Veor 2   Janette Kerr

A short stride with a rucksack full of paints and boards over the hill to Porthledden, to the end where, once across the rock arch, I clamber down on the rocks, watch the sea rushing into the bay, and paint.

Porthledden sketch  Janette Kerr

Porthledden sketch   Janette Kerr

Port Nanven on Christmas Day, after a picnic on large flat rocks, provides another painting and drawing location, one to which I return several times during our stay.

A Kestrel is often hanging in the air above me as I work. On the last day the sun is bright and warm, the wind drops but the sea is still big – the waves have come from a long way to break in vast turquoise plumes just beyond the end of the rocks in Priests Cove. I sit drawing and painting in a tee shirt – in January.

Janette Kerr PRWA