Jane Strother, 14 -27 August 2021

I didn’t have a project as such but I was keen to immerse myself in the local landscape, to feel part of it in the way that one can if you are able to walk the same paths, to look and look again, to select and record imagery to use in studio painting.

Two weeks is not long but it gave me time to start several small studies on board, using painted paper collage as the initial drawing media. I left one and began another, at the stage when I knew I had laid down a shape of an idea, transient but something to work with in more depth with more time.


Since I returned, I’ve painted as much as I can before I start teaching again and am truly excited by the work I am developing from those studies made at Brisons. I’ve managed to retain that absorption with my environment and to use memory to move my work on further with a greater surety.