Jacki Storey – Photographer

31 May – 7 June 2014

I made some progress with pinhole images of the Cape and for the first time St Just. I hope to be able to continue to build up this body of work to exhibit locally (to the Cape) in the future.

jacki storey pic3

jacki storey pic2

Being reliant on bright sunny conditions for pinhole photography, when the weather was not so good I used the ‘darkroom’ to experiment with photograms and, for the first time, ‘scanography’. This has been very interesting, and inspired by the amazing array of wild flowers around. I’m not sure yet how this will progress, or feed into my work, but it’s good to try something new, but related.

jacki storey pic1

The downstairs workroom is perfect to adapt to a darkroom which I really appreciate. The wonderful and numerous improvements to the house itself are amazing, and make it so much better in every way. All the hard work by Annie and the Trustees is clearly visible. I had a wonderful week and the weather, as often, forced me to experiment!

Jacki Storey