Hannah Vincent ( Writer) 17-24 June

After a busy couple of years in which I have had to ‘snack’ and ‘snatch’ at my creative writing practice because of teaching and studying commitments, it was striking how productive I was able to be when I allow dedicated writing time away from home. The days I spent at Brisons Veor were incredibly productive, in a fruitful and nurturing way, not at all rushed or panicked (as can be the case when I am desperately cramming the writing into a busy work/family schedule). I made time for swimming and reading and resting and I suspect the writing I did during my retreat benefitted from this rhythm and from the unusual depth of concentration I was able to achieve. This felt like a writing meditation as much as a writing retreat. I had a number of writing ‘tasks’ and projects I took with me but found one overtook the others in terms of its demand on my imagination.

I am hopeful that I might be able to secure a publishing contract for my third novel based on the progress I made at Brisons Veor