Hannah Giles, Ylva Bengtsson 18th September – 1st October 2021


We are so happy to say that the residency went really well and are happy with the outcome. We had made a plan before hand to work site specifically using 5 locations including Cape Cornwall.

We were slightly worried about the weather conditions and tight time frame we had to complete the project as we had to work with delicate photographic materials on site. Despite heavy rain and harsh winds at times it worked really well! This has been really helpful in learning to adapt our methods to each situation and also for future projects. This has been our second visit and we are ever grateful and lucky to have experienced this wild landscape and inspirational place again.

Our initial plan is to work through the outcome of the residency back home in Gothenburg. We have over 200 analogue images to scan and convert to digital files so it will keep us busy for a little while. Our aim is to put together an exhibition hopefully in 2022. And are currently looking for opportunities both in Sweden and Cornwall to exhibit this project.