Hannah Giles and Ylva Bengtsson

18 June – 2 July 2016

Hannah Giles: After just finishing an intense master’s in photography, I used this residency to further ideas and projects that I had previously neglected. I took advantage of such an inspiring landscape and studio space to really concentrate on creating, and production of work in both new and neglected areas.


We both became so dependent on the conditions of weather, light, timing and tide. Getting much of this information on a daily basis from the watchtower on the cliff. And also retreated back to a more analogue existence without television and internet to disrupt us. I realized I am happier without these things.


Ylva Bengtsson: I started off to build on previous ideas with interest to use the interior space. During, I found more my whole experience and my time in the space was limited, and I found myself very much depended and surrounded by conditions of light, water and time, especially the tide which was a new experience for me.