Gary Scott’s ‘Free Spirit’ Commission in St Ives

St Ives Sculpture Commission Realised

In Spring 2014 my sculpture ‘Free Spirit’ was unveiled by the Mayor at the entrance courtyard to St Nicholas Court, Porthmeor Road, St Ives. The sculpture was commissioned as a memorial to Kenneth Lindon-Travers who built St Nicholas Court and was intended to reflect his love of the sea, St Ives and art.

My time spent at Brisons Veor was incredibly influential on the direction of my sculptural practice in general (I have written 2 posts on this in my blog and more specifically it was during my second residency in 2013 that I started to work up ideas and sketch maquettes for the commission.

One of the great things about Cape Cornwall for me is that it’s all about the value of time spent alone with nothing but one’s thoughts and being able to immerse oneself in this truly inspirational environment – the creative juices really get to flow.  An extract form my journal from the day I first arrived says it all; ”…a totally amazing place – … so many colours, all hues of blue, grey and green with gorgeous white tipped foaming waves… the sky and the sea are constantly changing’‘  I still often think back to my time at Brisons Veor, it made a strong and lasting impression and will forever be reflected in my art.