Felicity Flutter, 19-25 March 2022

A week of Seascape Inspiration
Giving myself permission to become immersed in the scenery and to discover how it might influence my work, was a tonic much needed in these uncertain and changed times. I filled some pages in my sketchbook, mostly sitting in front of a window at Brisons Veor. However, for much of my time, I was totally absorbed in observing and photographing the waves from the cliffs, viewing them from above rather than from a beach put a whole new perspective on my painting subject matter.

To take advantage of the glorious weather, we walked the footpaths in our local area, reluctant to use the car, it really wasn’t needed, there was so much to take in close by. Narrow rocky paths and lanes enveloped by Gorse bushes covered in their yellow flowers and Alexanders which were flowering along the verges. A particular favourite for me was the Kenidjack Valley. Strolling alongside a fast flowing stream to the coast, we took our time to pause and observe the bubbling water, flora, fauna and mining ruins. Opening out to the rocky beach, a strong offshore wind was whipping spray backwards from the dramatic Atlantic waves.



The Coast Path encircles Cape Cornwall itself with impressive views down to the rocks and crashing waves, plus looking back inland small white buildings cling to the steep hillsides. Once the tide receded, we clambered over the rocks at Priests Cove, enjoying the rock pools, all the colours and small creatures lurking in crevices.