Eva-Maria Riegler

4-18 July 2015

Had the luxury of 2 weeks on the Cape. Have worked on several photo projects, outdoors as well as indoors; tried to capture the spirit of the elements on the Cape,

the strength and solidness of the rocks and earth,

the ever changing play of the waves,

the cloud formations,

the morning dew and mist,

constantly changing sky-scapes.

the fire of the sun sinking into the sea and dunking the Cape into a warm glow.


Indoors I set up stills with found objects from the Cape;

Found a book by Egon Schiele in the house and used plants from the Cape to “enhance” the drawings and photographed them.

I also did some collage-like images, using found images and objects and text.

Soul is truly uplifted by the breathtaking beauty and peacefulness of the Cape and it’s surroundings, the ever-rising and falling of the waves, the thunder-like thunk when they crash against the rocks, the wind sometimes gently caressing, or tugging and often battering. The splatter of the rain against the windowpanes, the beauty of the cloud-formations, the cry of the gulls and choughs, the seals sleeping quietly in the bay behind the Cape, reclined, their heads bobbing like dan buoys, with their noses pointing up to the sky. Once attuned to this amazing daily spectacle of nature outside a silent transformation takes place within.

Being on the Cape is vitalising, recharges depleted resources, makes me feel light and at one with the world.

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